A downloadable Asset Manager for Windows and Linux

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Orlop is a media management tool for anyone who works with a large asset library on a daily basis.

Organise and browse your asset collection with built-in tagging, search and preview functionality.
Automatic tagging requires no effort - just import your asset folder and go!


Bring your own assets

Orlop is software to organise and explore assets locally on your computer or in your network. No cloud, no subscriptions.

There are no restrictions of file types you can import. Orlop just builds an searchable index for your assets - it does not alter or move your files,

When importing new files, searchable tags are automatically created and assigned to the assets.

The search bar shows you similar tags when typing and provides an option to explore your library by finding random assets in your collection.

Preview & Access

Orlop can preview many of the most common asset types and file formats. Type specific options allow you to customise the way assets are previewed.

  • Images
  • 3D Models
  • Audio Files
  • Fonts
  • Text and Code files
  • Videos

The Inspector panel gives you relevant file informations, direct links to the file on disk. With the attached tags you can find similar assets or refine your search.

Quick access buttons in the UI and context menus you can open the assets directly in your system file explorer to access the actual source files..

Multi-select mode enables you to create and access a collection of multiple assets within seconds.

Please notice that this software is under active development and might contain bugs and errors.  This Software is provided as-is. I assume therefore no maintenance obligations and no warranty in relation to users of the free Beta versions, except in the case of fraudulent concealment of defect.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, 3D, asset-library, Asset Pack, bundles, file-previews, Fonts, game-development, Management, search
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesGerman, English, French


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orlop-linux-free-appimage.zip 172 MB
Version 4
orlop-windows-free-standalone.zip 5 MB
Version 4

Also available on


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Deleted 33 days ago

5MB is correct - Orlop is built with tauri, which results in a very small file size on Windows and Mac.

Regarding the Virusscanner:  I don't know why Orlop matches this signature. Maybe because it scans your files to build the index.

 I thought about code signing, so windows would trust the program more but buying a signing certificate each year is unreasonably expensive :(

Deleted 33 days ago

I don't know how to add files. Is it not drag and drop?

Admittedly, it can be a bit confusing currently. You have to create a bundle first and then via the "three dots"-menu of the bundle choose "Add Assets.
Drag and Drop will be added in the next version!

Thank you! I was able to add the asset! Looking forward to implementing drag and drop as well.

Hey, I just updated the project. You can now import assets via drag & drop and I added two buttons for it as well (next to the search bar and in the bundle detail inspector).

Please add a manifest, I can't install it with the Itch.io client.

Good point, will do!

(1 edit)

🍻, lmk I'll try again and report back.

Hey, I just updated the Project - You should now be able to download via itch.io client, BUT currently it only downloads the .msi installer, with which you can install Orlop. Sorry, if that's inconvenient. I'll try to fix that in the next versions as well.

There is now a windows-beta-standalone channel where you can download Orlop as a regular exe file and start it from the itchio client :)


I can confirm it downloads, installs and works from the Itch.io client.